There has been an overdraft.
I apologize.
It was a long time
in coming.
I gave freely,
invested freely,
always thought
I’d get a return
on my investment

Always thought
like reflects like.
Always believed
the mirror.
Thought love reflects love.
Now I look in the mirror
and there’s no reflection.
I gave my love away,
and she walked off
never to return

There’s been an overdraft.
I must apologize.
I have no protection,
no means to pay the interest.
Flesh of my flesh
took off
and went walking.
Now I’m limping,
spent down to the bone.
She took off
with everything
I gave her:
Flesh of my flesh,
Bone of my bone.

So too the flower puts all
her energy
into a blossom,
and the wind carries it away.

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