I doubted like Thomas as I wandered the road.
I could not see His face for my eyes were closed.
When Thomas saw His wounds, he came to believe:
Christ born in a stable, God’s love here conceived.

The ox and the shepherd worship in humble stall
To gaze on his meekness, on his love for us all
The angels in heaven their good news announce:
Christ the Savior is born here in Bethlehem town.

Oh, grant me the favor all evil to shun,
To serve him like Mary who nursed God’s own son,
With Mary and Martha to sit at his feet,
And with myrrh to anoint him like Mary Magdalene.

With shepherds and vagabonds, let us stand round his crib.
He welcomes the stranger for on this earth he lived
The life of an outcast, no pillow for his head,
But a stable his birthplace and straw for his bed.

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