Blank spaces offer margins of error, cause to pause, space to reflect.
Here the eye decelerates, thoughts rein in. Here is room of one’s own!
Have you read the instructions on the back of the seed packet?
“Plant sweet pea seeds 1 inch deep and 2 to 3 inches apart.”

I remember how it was to type on my grandfather’s
heavy upright manual typewriter. When my words
were flush against the right margin of the paper,
however incomplete my sentence, I paused
as I reached for the lever, collecting my thoughts
as I swung it back in place. In that split second,
my train of thought often veered in a new direction.
The rhythm of reaching the right hand margin,
and then gliding over the page,
my hand suspended momentarily,
kept me on track as I reconsidered each step,
planting strings of words like seeds.

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