Think of the power
unleashed in the splitting
of the atom. Think
of the destruction.

Immortality split for us.
How does the universe recover?
The sorrow of that splitting echoes.
We each carry our song, our
little piece in the composition.
We each live a note,
live out a phrase, to mirror
a part of the score.


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  1. I really enjoyed this thoughtful poem with its striking link between the explosive destructive of the atomic fracturing and the little notes of the song of our lives. The splitting of immortality is a phrase on which I’ll need to reflect further.

    Thanks for writing and sharing it.


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    • Sometimes it seems like there is so much suffering in the world; it’s as if each of us is handed a score that contains our little share of the world’s sorrow, but in playing back our parts, perhaps together we can create a beautiful (and healing) symphony.


      • Thanks for this thoughtful–and very positive reply. There are times, however, when I cannot hear a beautiful symphony, but only a sad song, perhaps a lamentation. But then I am reminded that God through Christ is “acquainted with our griefs” and and find some consolation.


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