Fine Tuning

The ancients who taught that planets
sing celestial harmonies
were not off course.
Like iron marrow, music
forges our inner core.
For nothing haunts the heart
the way a note can haunt,
infusing space with resonant chords.
Tuning a string requires no words.

Pluck or strum or bow a string
and sympathetic vibration will occur.
A taut string snaps,
but a crystal startles into song
with the force of water
transposing rocks to chimes.

So take what life offers:
then let your voice
transform it into song.
The artery pulses
as it delivers oxygen.
The log enlightens
while the fire hums.

Only a newcomer
will underestimate
the voice’s power
to detonate.
Who hears the pond murmur
in the stillness
before the ice breaks?

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