On the Southwest Chief Headed to Albuquerque

Two hours late, as usual. Passengers detrain for a delayed smoke break.
As I stand to board the train, I catch a glimpse of the tattooed lady,

her forearms scrolled like black lace cuffs. Seated, I notice
the tattoos on her forearms match the black of her tank

top. Black roots, and then a mane of red hair cascades over her shoulders, crimson as the sleeves of the jacket whose crisscrossed arms

wrap around her hips.

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  1. …this is beautiful…i love these poetries and posts…i am letting you know that Polyphony Marimba WILL tour in 2018 next July, and August! YEA!…i am hoping that we can visit you sometime in early July and possibly join with your community there to perform?…~with love to you and to your family, Karyna…i will sketch out a tentative tour this week and write you back in the next week or so to give you a better layout of what we are planning…it will be a whole new cast of marimba characters hopefully including two musicians from Zimbabwe!…


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