One Mind

The words of a poem
should dovetail
like wood panels
of a finely crafted

The words of a poem 
should glide,
like a finely tuned

In the box canyon
where a canyon wren has nested,
the canyon wren’s song
glides across the canyon
like water over rock:
each note
articulated and
with a craftsman’s

Even so, it isn’t the melody 
you remember.
It’s the way your heart
sang out.

All along the song was within you 
but the bird gave it wing.


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  1. Really like this…..

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10 Joanne Gray (505 450-9934) Quote of the month: “I don’t know how to explain to you that you should care for other people.” –Dr. Fauci

    And all will be well…and every kind of thing will be well. –Julian of Norwich


  2. This is beautiful, Ani Tammy!
    Smooth and effortless, as you said it should be!

    It also made me think of a drawer on our kitchen island that’s sitting half in and half out, simply refusing to budge right now :-))

    Thanks for sharing!



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