Little victories:
It’s the first steps
that matter most—
the bud on the twig,
not the flower,
the nearly imperceptible
shadow on the grass
before the heel lifts 
off the springy soil.

See on the wall next
to the entryway door,
the small beakful
of mud and twig
that clings to the wall
like soil to a rootball—
that twig and tiny portion
of mud, not yet a nest
but still more than clay and twig, 
and no longer without life.


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  1. I particularly like this one, Tammy! As my Latin teacher (and librarian, where I worked for her)used to say, over and over: A job well begun is half done. I suspect I said that to you at one time or another!


  2. Thank you for putting your work in email form. I always check my email but links can go without being checked for months.

    It is a strange and different world since the pandemic. May hope and new portals for life keep arising. Your eyes and awareness are valued.



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